Monday, August 19, 2013

Arriving in the Bahamas and day in the sun at The Atlantis

By Tyler Scott

Freshman, Guard

We arrived to the Bahamas yesterday and will spend six days on the islands before heading back on Saturday. It was a very long, but very fun day.

We left Kent at 4 in the morning to catch a flight in Cleveland. That flight was delayed a bit and we almost missed our connection in Charlotte. Coach Haynes had to run ahead and make sure they would hold it for the rest of us to board and our luggage to be transferred.

After we arrived, we had to go through customs. There was a bus waiting at the airport to take us to the hotel. We were all hungry, so we stopped at Wendy’s to get some food.

When we got to the hotel, we had a quick meeting in Coach Sendy’s room and met with our guide for the trip, who used to coach in college and professionally in Europe. He went over everything that’s going on this whole week that we’re down here and gave us some tips on getting around on the island.

We’re staying at The Atlantis Resort this week, which is the nicest hotel down here. Probably the best part of the resort is that it has its own water park, and that was the first thing we all checked out. We spent most of the day at the pools and went on some of the water slides. K.K. and I went on the jet skis a raced a little bit, which was pretty fun.

In the evening, we went downtown to get a bite to eat. Then we came back to the hotel and chilled the rest of the night.

This is such a nice trip that we have the opportunity to experience. Just getting down here to the Bahamas and seeing all of the excitement going on is a nice change to being in Kent or back home. I’ve been to the Bahamas once before, but I was only like five.

Our first game is tonight. After spending 10 days practicing, we’re all really looking forward to it. Personally, I’m really excited to get back out there and play again. I sat out last year, which was kind of depressing. I’m just ready to get going and make the next step in my career.

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